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Anyone who is a travelling freak and loves to explore places plus if you love surprises and to surprise your loved ones then Welcome to My Surprise Trip!

We request you to sign up and then fill the Survey Form which caters to most of our questions about your likes and preferences. Questions not included in the form may be added under the caption “Things we should keep in mind while booking”? After filling the Survey Form, our Expert Trip Planner will call you and confirm your booking.

You will lose the charm of being surprised! Rather you may list the places to be excluded.

It all depends on the type of trip you have selected and the duration of the trip. If it is a 2 days trip, the travelling time will be a few hours.

It's always cost-effective to travel in groups. Accommodation cost remains the same, whether one or two people are staying in it. The price for our trips is lower if you've got a travel companion.

Yes! This is one of the major benefits of My Surprise Trip. If each member of your group is departing from different places, it can get tricky to coordinate one destination but don’t worry, we'll handle it for you and rest assured everyone in the group will be surprised equally.

It all depends on your travel and spending habits and trip duration. We recommend you to carry your Credit/Debit card in case of emergency. For International Trips we can provide you with Multi Currency Forex Card using which you can also withdraw cash overseas or swipe it anywhere..

A week or so before your trip, you will receive a Gift Box with a lock. The box will contain the Name and other details about your destination. We strongly advise you to open the box only when you're at the place of departure with the lock code that we will send you few hours before your departure time through SMS and Email.

If you are traveling abroad, then in the Gift Box mailed to you a week before your trip, there will either be Physical Currency or a Multi-Currency Forex Card with currency of your destination which will be enough to get you from your destination airport to your accommodation. For the further extend of your trip, we advice you to take US dollar in physical currency or Multi Currency Forex Cards. We will highlight the Money Changers near your accommodation for you to exchange your currency at your destination. Also for safety and backup we always advice you to carry your International Debit or Credit Card(s).

A few days after booking your My Surprise Trip, you will receive an email detailing the weather of your destination. It is advisable to pack according to the weather conditions which will help in smooth exploring. If you choose International Trip then don’t forget to bring a universal travel adaptor.

After Signing In and completing the survey, our Expert Vacation Planner will call you and confirm the details and the budget of your trip. If you agree then you have to sign in again on the website and go to the payment page where you will have several options for payment like through Credit/Debit Cards, Net Banking or Wallets like Paytm etc. There you will make the payment and your trip will be booked and you will get the confirmation Email and SMS about the same. Taxes will be levied as per government norms which are liable to change from time to time.

Yes. It is possible to make payment from two or more different cards or methods for the same trip. But your trip will only be booked when we get the complete payment.

The Gift Box mailed to you a week before your departure will contain enough balance in the Multi Currency Forex Card to get you from your destination's airport to your accommodation. We will also highlight the best money changers near your accommodation for you to exchange your currency, so you won't have to change cash at the airport. We also recommend withdrawing local currency at ATMs once you're at your destination.

Your budget covers only travel and accommodation. We recommend activities, restaurants, and places of importance, but do not cover those expenses in your budget. But if you want us to book the activities also then you can mention it to our Vacation Planners when they call you and they will be happy to do that also.

We love planning trips for families. If your children have any specific interest i.e. like or dislikes, please be sure to mention them when you're filling out the survey form. We'll make sure to include plenty of family-friendly and age-appropriate recommendations so everyone will have a great time. We may also reach out to you directly when planning your trip to gather some additional information.

Babies less than 2 years old, travel for a very nominal price! So no need to factor them in to the number of travelers you select. But do not forget to provide their name and birthday.

And as far as their accommodations are concerned, just let us know your preference. We will be flexible! Be specific with your requirements and we will do the needful for the baby.

Yes, we have partnered with various travel insurance companies for your trip. Rates vary depending on the number of travelers, total cost of the trip, and the departure location, so we can send you a quote once you've signed up and you can decide later if you would like to purchase a policy.

Our team is available from 10:00 am to 06:00 pm over the phone or email in case you need anything while you're on your trip. We will love to do our best to give you a Hassle Free trip. We love our clients and value their safety.

Don’t worry! The same information is sent digitally too. You'll receive everything via email at the time of departure. We'll dispatch your Gift Box exactly one week before your trip with at least 2 day shipping. If the box does not arrive 3-4 days prior to departure, give us a reminder and we will be at your service!

Additional add-ons such as airport pickup, tours and activities can be requested in the Survey Form under the caption, “Things we should keep in mind while booking”?

We're disheartened to hear that but do let us know if we can do anything to make your next trip more exciting or better.

We will only decide your destination and accommodation. The destination is all yours to explore and discover. But you can always ask for Additional add-ons such as airport pickup, tours and activities in the Survey Form under the caption, “Things we should keep in mind while booking”?

Why not! We would love to pamper you. Please mention this in Survey Form upon booking.

Some of our trips are wilderness adventures where the group may not have ready access to definitive medical care. We recommend people to be first-aid trained and carries first-aid kit for medical emergencies. The first-aid kit only includes general first-aid supplies and some over-the counter medications appropriate for the type of outing it does not include any prescription medications.

We do require you to bring a basic, personal first-aid kit, along with whatever over-the-counter and prescription medications you may need. If you are bringing a prescription medication, it is best to bring a spare set in the event that your primary set gets lost, wet or unusable. Once your booking is confirmed, we request you to intimate us in advance of special medical conditions you may have, rather than learning about them in a crisis. Also, in the event of serious injury or illness, this information will help the emergency medical personnel with a useful medical history. We will keep the information confidential. It will be seen only by staff, medical personnel, or others who know and understand its confidential nature. The form will be retained along with your liability waiver for a period of time following the trip, after which it will be destroyed.

Sign In to your profile through our homepage. If you're unsure about these items, please contact us.

You may choose any one of the following:

  1. Sign up online, using the "Book now" button on the homepage at the top or bottom of the page.
  2. Call us on our registered number mentioned between 10:00 a.m. and 06:00 p.m., IST, Monday -Saturday).

Questions about the trip's itinerary, inconvenience, transportation, accommodations, etc. should be emailed to us or we are just a phone call away.

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