Did your partner just surprise you with a last minute surprise trip? Is the thought of going to an exotic location making you jump and shout with excitement? But are you puzzled with what to pack for this last minute getaway? Rest assured, our packing guide will help you take along the most necessary items.
These are:
1# Passport / ID Proof
#2 Toiletries
We’re sure you plan to brush and floss your teeth, take a bath and apply body lotion while on your surprise trip.
#3 Mini First Aid Kit
Headaches, backaches, sprains and cuts can happen anywhere. Be prepared with your mini travel pharmacy. Include over-the-counter meds to combat these everyday ailments, as well as some band aids and alcohol wipes. Also don’t forget to carry your other day to day medicines prescribed by your doctor and always remember to keep in handy.
#4 Camera
You’re likely to take your Android or iPhone with you but don’t forget your DSLR. Surprise trips are memorable, so should be the snaps!
#5 Clothing
We suggest a change of clothing for each day of your trip. But this doesn’t mean 10 sets of clothes for ten days. Pack versatile items that can be paired with different clothing. And don’t forget to pack according to the weather conditions of your surprise destination!
After packing, just sit back and relax. Your surprise trip awaits!
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