For many of us, a vacation is more than taking time off of work. It is a chance to explore uncharted holiday destinations and let loose our enthusiastic side. Some holidays are so special and memorable that you wish you could relive those experiences once more. Unless a time travel machine has been successfully created, there are other better ways to capture your vacation experiences.
Here’s how:
#1 Create a Map of your Journeys
Start by pinning a large world map on your wall. Affix pins to all the destinations you have been to. Attach strings to these pins and arrange photographs you’ve taken of some interesting experiences you’ve had while visiting a particular location. Not only is this a conversation starter, but it will serve as motivation for you to take your next trip.
#2 Online Vacation Streaming
A picture is a worth a thousand words. More people look towards Instagram and Facebook to permanently capture and communicate their vacation experiences with friends and family members. Instagram for instance lets you capture a stream of photos while you’re on vacation. These get organized according to date and location. The best part is when you get back, you can access your Instagram account to convert some of your pics into keepsakes.
#3 Create a Travel and Adventure Blog
Avoid the experience of a ‘travel blackout’ by maintaining an active travel blog. Record your adventures in photographs and videos. Upload these via blog sites like Blogger or WordPress and convey your stories and experiences. Travel blogs enable you to create dynamic storytelling and photo opportunities. It is an excellent way to permanently preserve and memory your vacation experiences forever!
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